Thursday, September 27, 2012


11x14 - Sepia 
Pen and Ink Drawing/Wash  
Watercolor Paper

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I have had a tremendous amount of opportunity come into my life since my last blogpost in February of this year -- it has been exhilarating!   I've been very creative in my studio over the previous 6 months and have lot's of exciting changes occurring in my Art Business.  I'm looking so forward to sharing all of my progress with you as it unfolds.

 I was invited to exhibit my new work at a local Gallery on the Southside of Bethlehem,  Fox Optical and Gallery.  It is currently on display now through October.  As I was preparing for the show I was compelled to step outside of my comfort zone as a landscape painter and create a body of work that was original and symbolic.  I chose the Dragonfly.  For those of you who have been following me, you're aware that I have been painting the Dragonfly on and off for the past several years.  It's always been a subject that I've been drawn to - mostly for their symbolic meanings but also for their brilliant colors and reflections of light that bounce off their little body's.

The artwork above, REFLECTIONS, was one of the first pen and ink drawings I created for this grouping.  For me, the Dragonfly standing in the water symbolizes the two realms they inhabit - air and water. The reflection of the Fly represents illusions and change; that things are not what they seem....

Please stay tuned for more paintings from this body of work and much, much more.  I will be posting on a weekly basis from this moment on....