Friday, September 30, 2011

Original Daily Painting Landscape by Dianna Poindexter

Almost Finished......

This painting is loose and expressive! As I paint, my intent is to move quickly around the surface to keep the painting looking fresh!  This will be finished tomorrow!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Original Daily Painting Landscape Autumn & Sunset Dianna Poindexter


oil on masonite, 6x6
I just love the colors in these clouds!  This painting was inspired by Gordons Pond in Henlopen State Park, Rehoboth Beach, DE.  Click here to purchase. Thanks for looking!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Daily painting - Oil landscape of Salt Marsh & Sunset - by Dianna Poindexter


This painting is a compilation of various digital imagery I've taken in the past.  I absolutely love the the color of the clouds!  Click here to purchase.  Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

FLOAT Original Oil Painting of Fishing Boat by Dianna Poindexter

9x12 oil on canvas board
This painting is from my Series - Images from the Shore.  This boat was floating in the Rehoboth bay.  Just love the reflections in the water!  Thanks for looking!

Friday, September 9, 2011



About a month ago, my partner and I went to the Pocono's and stayed in an old Hunting Cabin in Promise Land, PA.  The cabin sits about 40 feet from the lake.  It is absolutely beautiful there.  Anyway, we went kayaking through an area where there was an abundance of lilypads and dragonfly's.  Literally thousands of them everywhere!  This little study was inspired from that trip.  The painting is very wet!!   Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fine Art Prints of Original Paintings now Available

I now have Fine Art Prints Available on Etsy of Original Oil Paintings - Above is just a small sampling of what I have available.  Thanks for looking!!

Friday, September 2, 2011


This painting reminds me of the Fall.  The image is from a series of photos I took in Flagstaff Arizona last summer.  The size is 6x6 oil on masonite.  Thanks for looking!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Original Oil Painting - Old fishing boat

It feels good to be back painting......

I noticed this boat a few weeks ago when I was down in Delaware.  It was in one of the channels off of Rehoboth Bay near the Wetlands.  There is nothing more poetic than empty floating boats - I am always inpired to paint them!  This is part of my "Things I see at the Shore" Series.  The size is 5x7 on masonite.   Thanks for looking!

Whew, what a month!

August was quite a busy month for me that challenged me physically and emotionally.  Nature decided to stop in and say Hi several times -- unfortunately pulling me out of my studio but giving me a lesson and a new perspective!  What more can an artist ask for!

It started off fairly productive until one of my dogs became extremely sick.  I have two Chinese Shar Pei's - Chloe and Edge.  They truly bring BIG fun and JOY into my life!

Anyway, little Chloe ended up getting very sick for three weeks with Shar Pei Fever (FSF). For those of you unfamiliar with the disease, it's a build up of amyloids/protein deposits that attack vital organs causing episodic high fevers and severe abdominal pain. In Chloe's case it's her liver.  We had many sleepless nights caring for her - administering IV fluids every 3 hours and hand feeding her 'mush' when she would eat -  in fact there were times when I wasn't sure she was going to make it through the day.  Good news is....with lot's money spent at the Vets and a whole lotta love she's feeling better and now has a daily cocktail to get her back to health!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed we have several more years with her!!

That being said, I must not forget to mention the Earthquake we encountered last week!  Luckily we didn't get the worst of it - however my basement floor is no longer a flat floor - It buckled in many areas leaving uneven planes to walk over!  I now have to watch my step - I stubbed my toe twice already!!!  Oh, and then there was Hurricane Irene! Yikes!  That was another sleepless night in my house!  My partner had to work that night from 4p-1a leaving me to battle my fear of Tornadoes alone!  As you may know, the rain was heavy for a good 15 hours - at times it was vertical and many times it was horizontal depending on the wind gusts!  Fortunately, we (me and my dogs) made it through Irene with electricity and zero water damage - we just had lot's of debris in the yard to pick up the next day.  Whew....

In closing, even though August left me with empty pockets, it made me battle some of my fears and has left me with a message that can resonate in all of life's challenges ..............."it is what it is".