Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Quick Trip to AZ

I put my brushes down for a few days to visit my Mom in Northern Arizona -- we had a wonderful time together!  However, I forgot how "creature" infested the desert is until this past weekend!

Most of it I could handle, like crickets chirping in the night or the sounds of coyotes howling at the moon or the screeching noise of Havalina (wild pigs) in the distance but when something ran across my arm 45 minutes after I turned the lights off I lost it!  It was the next day that I found a black widow making a web about 25 feet from the bed I slept in!  Followed by a host of other spider species hanging out in my room!  Then, to my surprise, I took a shower with a scorpion hanging on the inside of the shower curtain! But the worst encounter I had was the Coral Snake that slithered by me when I was getting dressed!!!  Well, it could have been a King Snake but who cares it was a snake!  Big, scarry and deadly!  Here's what he looked like!

Needless to say, it was an eventful weekend! I'm sad to leave but looking forward to getting back in my studio on Wednesday! Thanks for looking!


Carol Blackburn said...

Now the scorpion on the shower curtain would have made me head for the open highway. Sorry, but that's a "good-bye" waiting to happen. LOL How does your Mother live with those creatures running around? She must be a strong woman. Great post, thanks for sharing.

Sara said...

Wow! I have lived in central and southern Arizona all my life, and never once seen a snake like that! Sounds very exciting!

Carol Schiff Studio said...

You (and your mother) are very brave indeed and I am happy to report (with some knowledge) that the snake is not deadly or a coral snake. Living in Florida, I know a coral snake when I see it. This one is still scarry, especially when it is in the house!