Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm in Big Sky Country!!

I decided to visit my Mom in Arizona for the next couple of days to see how she's holding up without my Dad around. She seems to be managing well ......perhaps it's because she has a purpose and reasons to get up and start the day. Undoubtably, there are some lonely times for her but overall she stays very active working for the Church and keeping close connections with friends! And she's become quite the traveler too with several trips planned in the upcomings months.

I've always admired my Mom's deep inner strength - her ability to be strong and independent seems so natural for her.

Besides cleaning and organizing all of my Dad's things, we've been having a great time together. We took a drive over to Sedona (it's 12 miles from my Mom's house) to enjoy the Red Rocks and beautiful mountains! How spectacular! Sometimes can't believe I grew up here -- it's really a painters dream!! Also, we've been enjoying dining out and watching movies -- John Adams in particular!

Anyway, I will update more on my mini-trip tomorrow!

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